About me

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Carlo, curly brown-gray (mostly gray) hair, 6″3, 240llbs, rocks for hands, knives for feet. I am a former champion freestyle fighter, who can kill you in seconds.

I spent most of my childhood growing up in County Down, Ireland. In my late teens, I moved to Liverpool, the English capital of Ireland. I have lived all over the world ar this point, Canada, Costa Rica, back to Canada, the Philippines and now I live in Malta.

Professional background

I’ve worked as a software developer (mostly frontend) before swiftly moving into the marketing side of online gaming. I’ve had control over millions of dollars in budgets and have consulted on many aspects of e-commerce, including the financial aspect of setting up business, website user experience, system architecture and digital marketing strategy.

I have a lot of experience in segmenting user data, building profiles and collecting details on customers to enhance marketing. Feel free to contact me to discuss; there are many facets of e-commerce and online gaming business development that I have been exposed to and can work on.

Here is a LinkedIn thing where you can view my profile.

I like music a lot

I have a billion tunes from my CD collection in iTunes.

I also plan to redistribute some of these Mega Gigawatts to make a flux capacitor. I will attach this to my DeLorean and of course travel back/forward in time when I hit 88mph…

Assuming I I can get some Plutonium from the Lybians…

On a more serious note and again talking about music, my first record was a BBC 7″ Vinyl of Keith Harris and Orville’s “I wish I could fly…“.

A thieving bastard stole all of my music one day in 1997. It was a sad, sad day – it was then that I became an assassin for hire, fueled by revenge and the neverending quest to retrieve my well-catalogued music collection.

Music I am listening to now

My music taste is fairly eclectic. If you wanted to see what I was listening to, then you could have checked Last.FM, although I no longer actively scrobble. RIP.

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