Nike Air Force One

The Nike Air Force 1 Shoe was first released way back in 1982 – it got it’s name from the plain that carries the US President. This shoes has undergone its second revival after it’s popular launch in the 80’s, it resurfaced in the 90’s largely due to iconization as the choice of the urban rap, hip-hop community (Nelly – “Air force Ones” in 2002).

As a result, they are now part of street culture and are so in demand that they are custom made by enthusiasts and Nike themselves. I played basketball in high school in a high top AF-1s.

My collection of Nike Air Force 1 shoes was conservatively valued at over $30,000 worth of them. This is a low end estimate, based on an average of $150 per pair. I bought a lot for around 120 GBP (English pounds sterling – check for conversion). I have a few pair of Laser Cut Air Force 1 too, they cost me around 200 GBP.


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