Affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is a practice where a business pays a commission to an affiliate, based on the referral of customers or leads to their commerce site or site of interest. Typically, affiliates participate in affiliate programs.

Traditionally, the company in need of promotion or custom either sets up an online system or uses a third party system to track all referrals and eventual sales or leads. In short, the company is outsourcing its marketing efforts to the masses and are commonly paying a percentage of revenues to their affiliates who referred the customers.

Where a company at the top level can indeed put efforts into marketing their product themselves, the idea that they have the entire global web sphere to do this for them makes a lot of sense and thus, so many affiliate programs have sprung up all over the web.

Paid and organic search, email, video and social marketing are used quite often in modern day affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are a key part to modern online businesses and it isn’t uncommon for affiliate programs to contribute as much as 30-40% of all business revenue.

Performance of affiliate programs

Affiliate Programs

Most of my career I have worked in online gambling, specifically online casino, poker and sportsbook/sportsbetting. I can definitely recommend this sector as well paying. Success from promoting these or any brand or product depend on being competitive in search engines or having a good online persona or viral.

Other programs that can pay well are electronics, credit cards and financial services, travel and web services (to name but a few).

Which sector should I choose?

Any commercial sector that has an affiliate program can be profitable. My top tip is really simple and straightforward; Google a key phrase and find a niche where you can make an impact. Going for many long tail key phrases which have less competition can prove to be more profitable than short tail key phrases, strictly because of key phrase competition.

Choose a sector where you’re confident you can create an impact, else you’re wasting your time.

Final advice on working as an affiliate

I was foolish enough to rely on making money from online casino only. One day Google stopped pay-per-click for Casino and all of a sudden the pay checks that were 6 figures a month went away. My advice is diversify. not just what you market, but how you do it.

Don’t rely on one method to make you money because tomorrow it may not be available, ask me about the money I made from PPC from 2000-2005, I will probably cry.

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