bad immoral promotion

If anyone knows me for long enough to go to a pub, hang out, skate with, etc. you’ll know I’ve never smoked a cigarette. One time, I’ll admit (to the one and only time) I smoked one puff of a joint, and yes I inhaled.

To say that I am anti-smoking is a huge understatement. ALYSSA THIS IS NOT AIMED AT YOU BUT PLEASE STOP SMOKING!!!

So I am reading an article that the guys circulate around the office mailing list, it’s regarding a recent marketing campaign run by M-a-r-l-b0r0. I am not going to publicize these asshole companies. I get traffic to this website and I do not want these guys to benefit of my legitimate traffic. Hence the obfuscation of the brand names.

Anyway, Phi11ip M0rri5 internati0na1 – you go to hell with your (shameless promotions).

Read the comments at the bottom of the page of this article. The person nicknamed “Tobacco Control RN” brings up the valid cost of healthcare directly related to caring for patients with smoking/tobacco related illnesses.

The nickname “KatyDid” justifies her possession of 1 stock in A1tria, so that she “can go to the stockholders meeting in NJ once a year and voice my total and vehement opposition to any and all dealings of A1tria”. Well done madam. “KatyDid” also brought to my attention the brands/trademarks that A1tria also own/market. FYI you nice guys at A1tria, you have just lost my custom for the following products:

Kr/ft foods (North America/International)

  • Kr/ft
  • J/cobs
  • M/xwell House
  • Mi1k/
  • N/bisc0
  • 0re0
  • 0scar M/yer
  • Phi1/delphia
  • Po5t
  • T/ng

Phi1ip M0rri5 (USA/International)

  • M/rlb0r0
  • Ba5ic
  • Che5terfie1d
  • L/rk
  • 1&//
  • P/r1i/ment
  • Virgini/ S1ims

PS. / = A, // = M. I felt the need to obfuscate.

I will not fund your shameless promotions so that more people can die. You are evil. You destroy people and their families.


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