Barry Bonds reveals all in book out this month

This is not going to suprise y’all. It’s been a HUGE suspicion that Bonds has been indugling in “performance enhancing drugs” for some time now. How does anyone bulk up that quickly? Can it be done naturally? Did Bonds achieve his hulk-hooded frame naturally? Possibly not, no wait, definitely not according to a book due out later this month.

Barry Baseball Picture

Barry Bonds, Baseball soon to be legend

Bonds has been using steroids since the late 90’s and I think this isn’t going to shock anyone. What might do is the fact that he’s going to be recorded in history as the MLB’s all-time home run king. How many people, baseball fans particularly must be ultra pissed at Bonds being up there amongst Hank Aron and Babe Ruth?

Hank Aron Picture

Hank Aaron, baseball legend

Babe Ruth Picture

Babe Ruth, baseball legend

April 3,4 and 5 at San Diego he’ll be opening the season drilling home Padre pitches.

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