Baseball Opening Day 2006 Baby!!!

Nothing else matters right now apart from Baseball season opening day! Saying this I have just moved into my new apartment and I have no fucking television!!! Triple mother f*cker!

Talking about triple mother f*cker’s… I met a guy on Granville Street yesterday when I got back from leaving the hire truck back with Derek. Some black guy looking a lil scruffy and if I was one to make judgement (which I’m not) I would say he was a vagrant(ish) type. He said he was a walking encyclopaedia. He said “Gimmie a word”, I said to Derek “Give him a word”… It was three words from Derek “Triple mother fucker”.

All I can remember from the rap he produced was:

“Triple mother f*cker bitch get on my dick”

Anyway, baseball season has begun and I got no triple mo fo TV! Let’s see the Giants making the playoffs first off, then we’ll see them pick up the World Series, yeah baby!

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