Baseball v Basketball

LAA v SF and Miami Heat V Dallas Mavericks. The ball game I am most interested in is the LAA v SF game. I have John Lackey in my baseball pool and he’s pitching against the baseball team I shout for (SF Giants).

I also have Jason Schmidt and Noah Lowry in my pool but neither started.

Dirk Nowitzki just fowled Dwyane Wade so he gets to take two free foul shots and go 5 points clear with just under 18 seconds to go. He nailed em both. Mavs call their final timeout. Sport is weird. I haven’t been following the NBA finals. Looks like Shaq, Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley have won themselves Miami Heat’s first champonship. Well done guys, Shaq promised this and looky here!

Back to baseball, Barry Bonds is now on the receiving end Lackey. I want Bonds to hit a homer but not off one of Lackey’s lightning pitches! 3 balls one strike… Come on Barry! Ah no, caught at first base. Moises Alou up.

10 seconds left in the basketball game. 3 point game, Wade with two free throws. Nails one, 4 point game… Misses second. Three point game 9 seconds. Must shoot a three point over but no, it hits the rim, it’s no good. Miami Heat have won their first championship in the history of it’s franchise.

WTG Miami, back to the baseball game 🙂

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