Bird flu in the UK

More test are currently being carried out on a swan that was found dead near Cellardyke in Fife in Scotland to determine whether or not this is the first occurrence in the UK of “Bird Flu“.

The dead bird will be shipped down south to the European Union’s bird flu lab in Surrey to run som more tests to determine whether or not this is the first case in a wild bird of the H5N1 strain that is known to have caused human death!

Very scary indeed, especially after seeing what the BSE (“Mad Cow”) and CJD livestock infection scare did to the UK and not to mention the Pultry Salmonella epidemic. I don’t want to see this happen again, it seems like its been one thing after another recently which will culminate in mass slaughter of poultry in the UK as a safeguard. Stop eating chicken, turkey and poultry already!

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