Bloggers neesd Akismet

I hate spammers, but bloggers need to learn their lesson! Get Akismet and stop these buggers, check this out.

Trying to make a comment look like they care šŸ™ When really the are posting a link to porn.

2 Replies to “Bloggers neesd Akismet”

  1. That’s amazing and pathetic at the same time. Fascinating! I’ll have to copy and paste random suspicious comments to see if they’re located elsewhere.

    Oh wait, I’m running Akismet. šŸ™‚

  2. Hey Bryan, it is indeed a pain in the arse! I used to have a “spam” category but I removed it, I was going to have a section of all the spam but I thought, nah, forget it :p

    Anyway… I hope you’re well. Peace out.

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