Breakfast Television Mediocrity

If you could check all of the following:

  • you live in Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • you watch/watched Breakfast Television
  • you enjoyed Dave Garry, Simi Sara & Tash Chiu’s presentation
  • you are not impressed by the mediocre presentation by the new crew

Then please (i am begging here) sign this petition to let the powers that be know how lame the new show is and how bad an aidea it was to fire the former hosts. Ths petition has also been championed by Laila Yuile.

8 Replies to “Breakfast Television Mediocrity”

  1. what a waste of air space now.. not worth watching … WE MISS YOU DAVE AND SIMI !!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ALWAYS PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE IN THE MORNING.

  2. Well honestly. Finally I look you up on the computer. Every morning I wait to hear SOMETHING about my favorite way to start the day that is ruined lately! I cannot believe that Dave and Simi were fired.
    Wow! I am not kidding. I am across the border and have told so many people how lucky I am to get you. They absolutely started my day in a fabulous way. I had to endure the news, weather and traffic (no offense to those lovely people) but Simi and Dave were “entertaining”. And you fired her from the City Cook's show I take it too. I cannot believe it. I won't be watching anymore. Only this morning I made myself change the channel to a local station. It was sad and again, I am not kidding. Those
    two gave me the best laughs – and so early in the morning! Now that I know what happened, I cannot believe whoever fired them is doing this for more money. Always the reason. They are classic. I could never understand why CIty T.V. would play those dumb rock songs hit list – it was not a match. So if they are gearing the program to match the dumb rock songs, Bingo! (again no offense to current crew)
    The new crew is good people, but that's not why I watched. I “learned” how to be a better person watching Dave and Simi. Are you kidding me? They both used patience, humor, enthusiasm, sincerity…respect …what a blunder. Well City TV, the BT show is all yours now. It was so nice visiting
    with Canada via that awesome and unique pair of hosts Dave Gerry and Simi Sara. Best wishes to you two – you'll never know how you got me jumpstarted on the right track each and every morning. Take care.

  3. [quote comment=”214406″]what a waste of air space now.. not worth watching … WE MISS YOU DAVE AND SIMI


    I really don’t like the new guy! What demographics are they trying to attract?

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