Breaking news and hockey!

China are harvesting organs from executed prisoners to sell for transplants, a man self-combusts in England following lighting a cigarette after treatment with a flammable gel (smoking kills), Germany opens a holocaust archive, more bird flu risks in the UK and middle aged couples are still enjoying sex.

As well as this our favourite hockey team back in the East lose 4-3 to the New Jersey Devils after being 3-0 up!!! Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals makes sure the Habs stay in the playoffs with a win over 2004 Stanley Cup champions Tampa Bay Lightning.

Habs play the Carolina Hurricanes on saturday night (April 22) at my house, bring beers!

Well done to Cristobal Huet for the Molson player of the month award, but unlucky for those four goals against the smokin’ red hot Devils last night.

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