Broken camera

I am very annoyed to report that my third Casio Exilim has bitten the dust 🙁

First I had the slimline 3.2 megapixel spy cam, then I got the 7.2 megapixel . I broke this whiles skateboarding down a steep grass bank. I replaced that camera when I moved to Montreal in Sepetmber, 2005. I think I am going to have to get a new tech camera, I hear you can get a decent 10 megapixel yoke now! W00T!

We’ll see how it goes. Watch this space.

2 Replies to “Broken camera”

  1. Yikes!!
    Damn cameras are so fragile as to break if you look at them wrong. I have an old rolloflex 110 spy cam (from wayback) now thats a tough camera!!
    Ever been to Edinburgh ?…..Luca’s Icecream ?

    24 and no more

  2. I’ve been to Edinburgh a tonne of times but more to Glasgow to watch the CELTS. I used to live in Liverpool in England then before that in the North of Ireland. We’re most definitely related, with our name coming from Frosinone outside Rome, there can’t be too many unrelated Scappaticci’s flying around!

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