Btarded again

Being a btard is pretty much a social and an internet experiment. I have never needed to admit this, because I have told you (the readers) this all along.

My phenomenal beatboxing abilities obviously lend itself to btardedness, however, the power of the internet and managing to somewhat manipulate search engine page results (we call the SERPs in the business) is something that was running in the background.

I manipulated a lot of the scenarios that I wrote about on the internet just to rank for certain phrases or keywords. Btard being one of them. I started up a lens about btard, this was an experiment to use this framework to add to the relevance of the word in the engines, it had limited success, it wasn’t great. I don’t see how any of this is at all admittance for cheating you, I mean, some of the things I wrote about (braun handblender incident for example) were not staged. It’s up to you to wonder what was. I better get back to work on reading all my work emails after doing a full days work here. Fun times but I realize that I can’t wait to get back to normality in Canada. Ok, spellcheck and post! Ciao.

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