Bud won’t go to Barry’s games

If Barry Bonds gets close to Hank Aaron’s record, Bud Selig’s gonna be hanging out at home watching golf or something. Selig wouldn’t say on Thursday whether or not he’d be in attendance if and when Bonds closes in on the mark. the guy gets dope tickets, the best in the house and I’m sure he doesn’t pay for it. One of the perks of being Baseball Commissioner I imagine.

I am a Giants fan and a monster Bonds fan. My Baseball name in the fantasy ball leagues is always Giant bonds Monster so I don’t know if you can read through the bias on this one.

Selig has insisted that the MLB would celebrate Bonds’ potential record breaking feat in the same way it would do any other major milestone. Last year, Selig gave San Diego closer Trevor Hoffman a call when he became the career saves leader. maybe he’s just a hardass or has a heart of stone. We’ve all seen Barry cry, he’s a big softie so we gotta make sure we’re all at AT&T Park to cheer him on 🙂 Has anyone read Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds and the Making of an Antihero?

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