In case you didn’t know it already, I am a HUGE hater of email spam. It is badass, don’t do it to me or I will use my ninja skills to tear you a new asshole. Word.

This is the most recent spam email title:




I don’t want to sit in this lifeless office when I could be home chillin’ and listening to gangsta rap in a ninja suit analysing my end of month affiliate reports…


I went to bed at like 2am, woke up at 8am. Good call, I need to send a text message. Today is a busy day.

It’s the start of a new month so that means I run the reporting and pay affiliates out at our company ( I have managed to make this process a lot quicker – every month I seem to get my part of the job done quicker.

I better go send that message and then get my ass to work – lots to do today.

I still code and play MUDs

I am a magician with charisma, luck, dexterity, constitution, strength and wisdon and all stats maxxed. I will call forth a level 100 chain lightning spell to OBLITERATE you if you try to fuck with me.

Damn, my sanctuary spell ran out – now I have to re-cast quickly as I can’t afford to take double damage. Phew, better. hit me baby one more time.

New apartment and broken tooth

I have a new apartment as of, ummm, Halloween. The place is mine on 31st of October, I am stoked to be out of the hotel (Holiday Inn). I had a rad weekend, mostly because of finding my shoebox-sized apartment.

I went to see Cro-Mags (under the name Fearless Vampire Killers) on Saturday night which was fucking awesome, they covered Bad Brains songs (Earl Hudson is cro mags drummer from Bad Brains) and John Joseph was singing, kaboom! Continue reading “New apartment and broken tooth”

Broken knee

Aye so the kneecap is cracked and it kills. Just in work very bored and listening to Dropkick Murphy’s and feeling very pissed, angry and hyper.

Not good… What can I do or say?

Messenger conversation with Slim

Slim says: i wanna go batter someone
Carlo says: arse
Slim says: ha
Slim says: i wanna go batter someone
Carlo says: who you wanan twatter? its like batterin but you twat ’em.
Slim says: haha
Slim says: dunno aint arsed
Slim says: if i go skate then it’ll be a wanker kickin off or a cop

Leaving on a jet plane

Woke up this morning at 4.45am, thought it would be a good idea to go running. My knee hurts from skating – running wasn’t a good idea. When I get my eyes lasered I can continue with my profession as an assassin and kill more and more people. Unlucky for you!

This is an animated gif of the sky when I was on the train. I was wishing I was leaving on one of those jet planes.