Celtic win SPL

After all was said and done, after 32 games, a very rocky start to the season it took just under 4 minutes for the mighty Glasgow Celtic Football Club to secure the Scottish Premier League!

Let me just say this: Celtic are champions! Thank you, now I may proceed.

John Hartson celebrates his 31st birthday in style at just under 4 minutes into the game at Celtic Park against second spot Edinburgh giants, Heart of Midlothian (Hearts). To score for Celtic at Celtic Park or Parkhead (let’s call it paradise) is such a great honour but knowing that it ties up the title is just icing on the cake for the big welsh man!

So nearly 4 minutes into the game the big man scores, then we have 86 minutes left for 60,000 Celtic supporters in the stadium and millions worldwide biting their nails wanting today to be the day and with 6 games left to play the race is over, Celtic and Gordon Strachan are victorious! Some fine defense and saves by Boruc denying Bednar and Skacel were key to the game win, Celtic merging as victors after standing their ground on home turf to pick up the league title one again for the 40th time!

Now think back to the start of the season when Gordon started at the clus, please may I point out that all the time I had the man’s back. All the time I stated that he would steer us in the right direction! Oh yes it’s great to be a Celt!

The Artmedia loss was devasting, but equally terrible was the 2005-2006 season opening game against Motherwell and that hun Butcher and co which thankfully ended in a 4-4 draw (cheers Craig Beattie). I was at my friends wedding (phew Joel and Mel, it could have been a grumpy day!) and that shocking game and all my english friends telling me “Scottish football is shite” was hard to take. Nonetheless, I stuck by the team, the players (yeah, even you Bobo Balde) and most importantly the Manager Gordon Strachan.

Ok, back to the Artmedia Champions League Qualifier game. It was 5-0. That was embarassing for Gordon, for Celtic football club and for Celtic fans at the game and watching the game. It was Gordon’s first game, what the f*cking hell went wrong there? Then came the Motherwell game which was terrible and then 6 days after the initial Atmedia game was the return game in Paradise.

This would go on to be one of the most heart breaking games I would have seen as a Celtic Supporter since last season’s end of season games. With an aggregate of 5-4 to Artmedia, Celtic failed to qualify for any place in Europe. It was indeed a sad sad day. Let’s not dwell on the past. Even though that hurt us, look at what Gordon Strachan and Celtic Football Club have achieved, how many times in recent years have seasons been won with 6 games to play? What does that tell you about Gordon’s achievment?

32 games played, 2 defeats in the whole season and 4 draws. Oh, by the way, who says 13 is an unlucky number?! How about 13 home wins and 13 away wins for a record? Suddenly I’m a big fan of that number! Celtic are in the lead at the top of the SPL by 20 points!

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 The best thing about it is that the second place team is Hearts and not the Gers! Don’t get me wrong, I always cheer for both teams in Glasgow. The only two teams I support in Scottish football… They are of course Celtic and Celtic Reserves! An old one, but still the best one!

Hail Hail, the Celts are back on top where they belong. I am sure every Celt took a few minutes today to remember wee Jinky. Jimmy Johnstone is in heaven looking over Paradise from Paradise. Jimmy will be laughing and smiling like every Celt in the worldwide huddle.

Oh it’s great to be a celtic fan! HAIL HAIL!

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