cinco de mayo en msn

  • Taking a leaf out of Dan Nedelko’s book here…Â

Raj – Crime Scene says: cinco de mayo drink at cactus at 1’ish
Raj – Crime Scene says: ?
Raj – Crime Scene says: Ange and I are in

Derek says: yep….I’m in

Raj – Crime Scene says: of course you are

Ehsan says: koo

Carlo v2.0 says: kick in the door wave in the four four, all you hear is poppa don’t hit me no more..

Raj – Crime Scene says: oh dear

Carlo v2.0 says: whats up with you?

Raj – Crime Scene says: nothing.

Carlo v2.0 says: worrrrrd.

Ehsan says: “so you wanna be hardcooooore, with your hat to da back talkin bout the raps and your gats…”

~Nic~ says: no can do today..Â

Carlo v2.0 says: i thought as much…Â zip it raj or else…

 ~Nic~ has left the conversation.

Joe says: derick what was the name of DJ?

Raj – Crime Scene says: what?!

Derek says: kaskade……or the one coming up……Digweed

Carlo v2.0 says: ca$h money
Carlo v2.0 says: digweed is wack. also former resident dj of a club where I used to live,.
Carlo v2.0 says: he used to be awesome.

Derek says: digweed is at Plush here on June 15th……

Carlo v2.0 says: did anyone ask nedildo or angela, an I invite them in and ask about lunch?
Carlo v2.0 says: or ange irwin?

Raj – Crime Scene says: ange irwin is in
Raj – Crime Scene says: ask angela and nedelko

Carlo v2.0 says: angela gemmell and dan?

Raj – Crime Scene says: yup

Angela has been added to the conversation.
nedelko. has been added to the conversation.

Derek says: I’ll see you there at one….I have to go to fitness world and get our lotto tickets before then

Carlo v2.0 says: angela / dan – lunching today?
Carlo v2.0 says: Raj – Crime Scene says: cinquo de mayo drink at cactus at 1’ish

nedelko. says: sorry guys I would love to but I have a bunch of stuff to get done
nedelko. says: I could maybe try to get there for a half hour

Angela says: i’m in

Carlo v2.0 says: dan youre gay. come eat you fairy.

Raj – Crime Scene says: yea dan you WILL make it for half an hour

nedelko. says: ok deal…30 minutes

Derek says: yea, stop sucking balls and join us

Carlo v2.0 says: word.
Carlo v2.0 says: ball sucker, gangbang stammler just called it.

Derek says: word

Raj – Crime Scene says: sweet, remember loads of people may make lunch a little longer than normal.

nedelko. says: this is scary on so many levels it’s terrifying
nedelko. says: I might actually blog this.

Carlo v2.0 says: you bell. dont blog it, besides, don’t you need our permission?

nedelko. says: no

Raj – Crime Scene says: yesssss

nedelko. says: public record…it’s on the public internet

Raj – Crime Scene says: anyway losers see you around 1

nedelko. has left the conversation.
Carlo v2.0. has left the conversation.

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