Commission Junction deactivating accounts

I recently received an email from CJ stating that they would deactivate my account because the lack of activity. This means that they will deactivate my account because I haven’t been making sales. It didn’t really make much sense to me why they would do that so I emailed them back as I was given an opportunity to appeal.

Here is the email I sent to Commission Junction:

Customer (MY NAME WAS HERE .) 04/01/2008 02:25 PM

I just received an email from you recently entitled “Save your account from deactivation”.
I would very much like to keep my CJ account because our website is just starting to get really big and CJ has some great advertisers that we would love to leverage.

Can you please NOT deactivate my account because it is a big part of our business model for monetizing our site?


I think this was a perfectly reasonable response because I had made some sales from my site but since I was trying to develop the site for content and get contributors I didn’t have much time to spend on enhancing it for earning from the traffic, hence, I requested that CJ do not nerf me. I was surprised to get a response so soon but check out their response, I found it a little shady:

Subject: “Saving your account from deactivation”

Response (CJ REP NAME WAS HERE) 04/02/2008 09:41 AM


Thank you for your inquiry. If an account does not generate a commission within a six month period, it will be deactivated. This is Commission Junction’s policy. However, if you are deactivated due to dormancy, you will be prompted to reactivate yourself upon logging into your account manager.

To avoid deactivation, you may want to generate a sale or lead after clicking through one of your links. We do not usually encourage making purchases or generating leads through your own links; however, in this case it will be alright.

If you do not want to make a purchase through one of your own links, and you are deactivated due to dormancy, you will be able to reactivate yourself. Once you reactivate your account, you will have another six months to generate a commission before being deactivated again. Your links and banners will still be intact and your relationships should not be affected if you reactivate quickly. Please note that if you remain deactivated for too long, advertisers may choose to expire you from their programs.

A Dormant Account Fee (DAF) of $10.00 USD is charged to publishers that do not generate commissions for a six month period. If you continue to not generate commissions, the DAF charges your account each month until your account balance drops below the DAF amount. At this point, Commission Junction deactivates your account for dormancy.

We hope this answers your question and we apologize any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Commission Junction Client Support

Interesting reply where the rep from Commission Junction encourages me to click a Commission Junction generated/supplied link on my site and buy a product from the store thereby sending a payment and earning a commission and ultimately avoiding account deactivation and this $10 “DAF” fee. More like a DAFt business model to be following here from Commission Junction if you ask me.

Here are some questions on this topic:

  • Do you use Commmission Junction?
  • Have you had this experience?
  • Do you agree with their policy on deactivation?
  • What do you think of their idea to click a link and buy a product?

I tagged this “bullshit” amongst others because I think it is retarded.

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  1. Hi I found your site while searching for “commission junction deactivated.” Shows up as the first result actually! I was deactivated one time for dormancy, and made sure to login every month to prevent that. After reading your post, I'm guessing a second deactivation was a result of not generating sales in 6 months?! I didn't know they charged a DAF fee. Now that I can't get back into my account, what do I do? Would I have to pay $10? Confused 🙁

  2. howdy. to be honest I just dumped their asses. I have better results working with performics and other (albeit smaller) networks.
    I don't need this craziness to deal with when i can make some good ad revenues and affiliate commissions elsewhere.

  3. I’ve just received the same email and ‘phishing’ warning bells started ringing. Did you guys actually log into your CJ accounts and contact them via their contact link or did you click on the mail?

    I’m suspicious because there is no reactivation link or threat for deactivation or anything on my account page and this could be a way of scamming newbies (on the basis that most non-earning sites are likely to be newbies).

    Or I could just be being overly cautious!

  4. Just had the same thing – made some money from CJ about a year ago but have had very few leads since. Just starting to ramp up again and found that my account has been de-activated/deleted. Not at all happy! Yes, it wasn’t much money that I *used* to have but it was something – a start! In two minds about whether to “re-activate” (basically start from scratch) or consider something else. Gawd, I’m annoyed.

    1. OK, a fews things:

      1) it’s your money, you earned it and THEY (CJ) made their cut from it
      2) it costs ZERO money to maintain an account that is dormant, this is on par with a “reconnection fee” from a cell phone company or the like.
      3) this offers little incentive to affiliates who want to make some residual income online, yet find this horseshit after an extended period of time of not promoting.

      You should email them and call them out on it.

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