Decision to deprecate

Categories with < 10 entries seem pointless to me right now. I might run some SQL on my database and remove anything with less than 10 posts.

Another solution is to use Category Converter by Timothy Haroutunian. I’m probably one of the biggest advocates of this plugin because I think I posted about it a long time back when I discovered it and even helped Timothy bug fix it. Anyway, I can move categories fairly easily using this plugin, however, if I want to tag them then I think it’s not for me…

Let’s think, two database tables and one query, no, wait, in my head I know how to do this via two queries… I am glad the Nintendo DS Brain Age is helping me out with my thought process these days because life is complex and I have gotten my brain down to that of a 36 year old. That’s +6 on my current age. Anyway, that’s my rant for today over.

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