Dogtown the movie

How right it was to start skateboarding but how wrong it feels to stop. I just watched “Dogtown the Movie” and I think the way that movie was made just made it seem like skateboarding has never changed. I mean ok, they used different boards, clay wheels (once) and sure it’s evolved but it hasn’t really changed.

I miss going on roadtrips with my friends. The LxBxP, the dirtbags, like that trip to Sheffield, the southern sessions, Stevenage, Prague, Redcar, Barcelona, Livi fun days, Cornwall and the Clodgie. Barry puking 12 times in Cornwall, Rem and Russ Weasel skating the concrete half pipe in Stevenage and Rem chasing me to try to puke on me, the mungle jungle and STILL waiting to see the picture of that wall ride to fakie I did on that vertical post – pull your fucking finger out Willy! So many memories.

Willy, Howard, Barry, Rem, Spoons, Ad, Ade, Nicky, Hoppy, Fred, Slim, Frost and all the dirtbag LxBxP kids are all left behind in England and I wish they were here I sure as hell miss them.

I hired a van last week wit ha guy from work so I could furnish my apartment and met a skater about my edge and all injured and fucked up from skateboarding. He was a typical skateboarder, I knew straight away he was a skater. Anyway he hooked me up with some people to go skate some bowls and transitions and shit.

I’ll be honest – I’ve lost touch. I don’t know why I am not skating so much these days. That needs to change.

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