Domain Name Transferring

internet-domains.jpgWhen you buy a domain name, do yourself a favour and buy from somewhere you know you’re going to commit to and do not buy through a website hosting company. I have bought hundreds upon hundreds of domains in my time and recently I’ve decided to move everything to GoDaddy, which to me seems like a stable domain registrar. I thought I’d cover a few basics on how to move a domain from one registrat (e.g. 123-reg or Pipex) to another (e.g. GoDaddy). Something I thought would be a pain to do actually seems straightforward and easy from a user point of view, however, domain administrators need to step in to finalise everything so it’s not all pie ‘n gravy. Anyway, heres a quick run through ofwhat goes down in a domain name transfer from one registrar (the “losers”) to another (the “winners”).

  1. User buys domain (e.g. from original registra, the “losers”
  2. User wants to transfer domain to another registrar, the “winners”
  3. User logs into the “losers” control panel and updates the administrative whois information andunlocks the domain in the “losers” control panel
  4. User buys a transfer package (usually extending the domain ownership) from the “winners”
  5. “Winners” send an email with the ID number and a Key Code to confirm the transfer
  6. User logs in to the “winners” control panel and checks pending transfers and enters this information
  7. User requests authorization codes from the “losers”
  8. User takes authorization codes to complete the domain transfer
  9. “Losers” finally approve the transfer (thisis an unknown time)

This sounds relatively simple, however waiting for the company to release your domains may take a while. You also may need to tell the “losers” the destination IPS tags for the transfer to complete.

I am suffering great mental anguish waiting for 123/Pipex to release my domains and send me the authorization codes. They informed me that they already sent me the codes but I didn’t receive them, I get all their marketing crap and all the information I don’t want, but when it comes to the information I need, meh. Enough said.

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