Finding Max Thurman

Alyssa and I have a Bichon Frise. His name is Max Thurman (Jacobs). The Bichon Frise breed originated from the Mediterranean area in Europe.

They are such a happy breed and are happy to potter around amusing themselves and thus were often traded amongst sailors and were eventually introduced to their rightful place in Italian nobility nonetheless!

Stating that Max Thurman is a dog is both obvious and insult to Max. The fact of the matter is, Max is rather human-like and has a lot of dog-like tendencies.

Bichon Frise and allergies

I myself am terribly allergic to dog and cat hair but with our dog Max, I find that these symptoms aren’t really present. The breed is known to be allergy-friendly and where most people claim they are hypoallergenic they aren’t quite this way, unless groomed regularly to remove the loose hair and dander.

I think I can spot a correlation between the times when I’m feeling prone to allergy when Max needs a haircut and grooming session.

You can read more about the Bichon Frise breed and allergies here.

Finding Max Thurman!

Now, recently, whilst Google searching for “Max Thurman” I found that pictures of my dog weren’t indexed. Shame, because I have so many. So I thought that I should take steps to rectify this. Alas, project “Finding Max Thurman!” has begun here, with this blog post.

Let’s start off with a photo that’s an oldie but a good one of Max Thurman and his very funny front teeth.
Max ThurmanWe were in bed with our dog-like human dog, which isn’t a strange occurrence and we discovered we can do something like a ventriloquy act with Max Thurman by moving his lips.

Endless minutes of fun ensued and several photographs later we finally snapped up a good one that wasn’t blurry or had terrible lightning!

Anyway, this is Max Thurman. An endless source of entertainment for Alyssa and myself.


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