Free ad serving

A lot of website operators, administrators have a solution in place for ad serving. They either use their own server or rely on Doubleclick, Adjuggler or any of the many ad serving “solutions” that exist.

There are definitely groups that are not catered for and they are the everyday John Doe who owns a site and doesn’t have nearly enough page impressions or a “suitable site” to warrant an ad server picking them up as a publisher. Frankly, I don’t think it’s good practice to turn away business based on the size of the client. You know what some people say, “Size matters”, well I disagree.

I have a connection for free ad serving and I would like to extend the offer to anyone who has been rejected by larger networks because of size. I am not into working with porn or sketchy setups but if you have a legitimate interest site and would like to monetize your traffic then get in touch. I can certainly hook you up with 100% free ad serving and the worry free aspect of not having to look after the technology and hardware.

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