Friday’s Video

Edit: I just realized that if you turn the volume up SUPER high you can here some dude talking about the devil and it sounds like Priestly Priest dude is on the phone to some devil worshiping mofo…

Three reasons why you should watch this youtube video:

  1. Parliament Funkadelic playing in the background
  2. Cool hairdo
  3. Crack smoking insanity

Some quotes:

“The devil is a mother fucking liar, so you know I aint worried – BIATCH, stupid bitch, look at that, I’m provoking that, huh, I’m making motherfuckers just hate G-d more, I’m provoking that huh. Ha ha, you god damn devil worshipers you aint got no excuse”


2 Replies to “Friday’s Video”

  1. Jesus Is God And the Devil is LIKE a roring lion. LOL look at this devil as a good exsample. O and Satin..(The Lord Rebuke The). You have no Power.. Your Power is lies and Deceite LOL your Just a Bully with a big mouth and not Butt to back it only thing you have going for you is these dum people that follow you. But Remember Where sin abound Grace Did abound all the more……………………………

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