Funny conversation

Apparently one of my pals from back in England set fire to his friend’s hair. I know him too so I thought I’d ask him about it. It turns out that the guy who had his haoir set alight doesn’t know who did it but I told Russ that I told him and now he knows:

[15:17] Russ: erm he doesnt know i dont think
[15:18] Carlo: he does now. i said to him before “i heard Russ set fire tyo your hair”
[15:18] Russ: how do you know
[15:18] Russ: oh f*ck off really
[15:18] Russ: you c*nt
[15:18] Carlo: i thought he knew.
[15:18] Carlo: he went mad.
[15:18] Russ: oh f*ckin hell
[15:19] Carlo: shit sorry man
[15:19] Russ: i only tried to singe it a bit and it went up in flames

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