Future Sylvester Stallone movies

Latest movies in production or otherwise.

Rambo IV

Plot Outline – Vietnam vet John Rambo is forced to rise from the shadows of his reclusive existence and take justice into his own hands after a (random?) girl goes missing…

Sounds awesome! I can’t wait! 🙂

Rocky Balboa (Rocky VI)

Rocky Balboa is now a fifty-something (60 in real life) widower running a small restaurant in Philadelphia. Yeah, there you go spoliler from me! Adrienne is deceased. Meanwhile, the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Mason “The Line” Dixon is kicking up a storm within his sport. Rocky feels the need to enter the ring once more and make an epic comeback.

Sounds like an awesome installation of what should (but will it) be the final Rocky movie.

Chewbacca rules

4 Replies to “Future Sylvester Stallone movies”

  1. Sounds fantastic….I’ve been a big fan of Rocky since I was a little boy!!!!! I can’t wait to see it. And please no more Rockys!

  2. I can’t wait the rocky films are among my all time favourites, it will be well worth the wait. Stallone is one of the best actors of his time. I for one hope he keeps acting for a long time to come.

  3. Without a shadow of doubt, I honestly consider myself as the biggest fan of sly and his rocky movies. I say this because, I grew up watching him and being endlesly inspired by him. I think he is a legend in his own right who has shown quite comprehensively that if you have the will and drive, there is absolutely nothing that can stop you. Look at him at 60 years ! if that is not enough to inspire the human race then what is ?

  4. Are you guys sad in any way that this is the last in the series? I mean it’s not possible to create another Rocky movie. Or is it? I think it’s going to be an amazing movie. I wonder why they killed off Adriene in it? Mofo’s!

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