Google April Fool 2008

I must admit, every year Google almost fools me into thinking they have added a new service to their offering. This year, well today, I woke up and was logging into Gmail and noticed the “Gmail Custom Time” feature. It took me about fie seconds to realize it was a joke.

You can learn more about “Gmail Custom Time” here.

Google April Fool's 2008

You can click on the image above, visit my Flickr page and see it in full size.

OK, Google April Fool’s part II.

Visit Mars with Virgin and Google

Larry is stopping short of pissing himself laughing. He has this huge grin on his face, so funny. Anyway, this is in relation to the Virgle link on the Google homepage. This is a venture of Google with Richard Branson’s company Virgin, hence Virgle. Here is the video on YouTube:

This is right up there with Google’s other pranks like Google Gulp, Pigeon Rank, Google Tisp, how to install Toilet Internet Service Provider!

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