happy iphone stories

I got the wife an iPhone and it turned up yesterday. I spent a little while porting her info over from blackberry to iPhone. I downloaded the Blackberry Desktop software and sync’d it with her Outlook and then imported her Outlook info into the iPhone. Not everything came across, the telephone but nothing else did. Still, it wasn’t a big deal to manually enter them for her and it was a learning experience to use the iPhone’s keyboard.

On the way back home from work Alyssa wasn’t too stoked about the new iPhone. She compared it to not having the same effect as the fuzzy feeling gained when receiving jewelery – some women are hard to please I guess! On the flip side, I received an SMS message from her this morning

Thank you very much for the iPhone, I love it!

OK, the ingratitude matter was resolved :p

Mike also seems to be happy about his iPhone that he doesn’t have yet:

MY wife’s facebook update: “Carol Browne  what’s the sound coming from my purse? Why it’s Mike’s i-saber. ***insert lightsaber sound here.***.”


The picture says it all and has Randy Savage from my MSN Avatars page too! 🙂

Mike's getting an iPhone AND a light sabre

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