I now live in Vancouver.

This one goes out to those of you wondering where the hell I am in the world. Check this:

QC to BC.

As you can see I’ve come a long way. Three more timezones have been heaped on to the total. I have not had much chance to explore Vancouver, I got in here about 26 hours ago. Which reminds me. I have work to do.

Oh and by the way, here is the exact location of our new office is on Homer Street, Vancouver. This is weird. When I first moved to England I moved to “Great Homer Street”. I typed in “Homer Street” when looking at a map of Canada and it showed “Great Homer Street” in the did you mean… bit.

Why am I watching WWE RAW? Hrmmm.

2 Replies to “I now live in Vancouver.”

  1. Hey Carlo,

    Irrelevant Stories and Opinions is my old blog. I was tired of Typepad raping me with their prices and poor customer service, so I switched over to blogger.

    I looked over your photos. You are an amazing photographer.

    Good luck with your move/new home.

    xo, Danielle

  2. Thanks for the compliment on the photos, I am lucky I have a big memory card so I shoot things a lot of times. I get lucky.

    Move is done, I am here in Vancouver but the new home move-in isn’t happening until April 1st!

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