Internet Explorer vs FireFox part 1

More proof that Internet Exploder is evil:

Alyssa says: i am trying to delete the emails i got from gmail and it won’t delete them
Alyssa says: boo
Alyssa says: maybe i am a complete idiot
.Carlo says: click the check box and then press the delete button.
Alyssa says: thats what i have been doing
Alyssa says: i got your email…..YAY my first gmail
.Carlo says: are you using internet explorer?
Alyssa says: yes……
.Carlo says: use firefox, remember? you will never get problems with that, ever!
Alyssa says: i keep forgetting to use the one you put on my computer
Alyssa says: i am going to do that now
.Carlo says: because everyone on the internet hates microsoft they all write viruses and bad shit to kill internet explorer.
.Carlo says: and because firefox has nothing to do with Microsoft people love it and leave it alone.

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