Internet marketing and other messy things

I have to scribble as many of these things down in my head for two reasons:

  1. I have FireFox overburdened with a billion tabs of useful information and I don’t trust that if it crashes (be nice FireFox) it will resotre the session (it’s happened a few times)
  2. I want to come back to these webpages and investigate them further
  3. I want to get some company work done ASAP

Okay, now you know why I am posting (it’s always good to know why people write crap on the internet) I shall proceed. WAKE UP!

Top Ten Ways To Hinder Market Adoption
I will go through this with a fine tooth comb and make sure I have all bases covered.

Digital MBA: America’s Best Business Schools on Your iPod
Harvard’s now “on iTunes”, let’s face it, I’m never going to get into an Ivy League school like Harvard (or one of the many others) so this represents a good opportunityfor me to learn from the best.

MLB’s attempt to grab fantasy fees is back
Stats should be public domain. I can go to a ball game and record stats so why should MLB Advanced Media claim a fee for this. Bad MLB, really bad. Thanks to Alyssa for the link.

Oh wow, thats it. I thought there were more but still 2tabs killed from FireFox really gets me excited and hopefully you can get some useful information from it. Enjoy!

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