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  1. afternoon fella 🙂

    i’m up to page ‘C’ of the internet and came across your site.

    i started work on a mylo vs juggernaut remix a while ago (http://www.lucky7casinos.co.uk/juggernaut.mp3) but couldn’t get past the 1st bar for laughing…

    don’t worry i’ve not given up my day job to pursue a career in the music industry (too old for Pop Idol).

    drop us a line and let us know what you’re up to.


  2. Hola Andy, Are you still at Littlewoods? Wow, you must be running the company now!? That Juggernaut shit is fucking awesome, I love it but, ummm… That because I’m the Juggernaut Bitch!!!

    hahahahaha, I’ll drop you an email mate. Good to hear from you 🙂

  3. still there but been ignored past couple of years cos of my involvement with the itv stuff, so the guy who cleans the monitors is more important than me now…

    sick and tired of it and not getting any younger, so thinking of looking for something new (do you have a contact at pentasia at all?)

    world cup site was good to brush up on my web shit, so i’ll feel less guilty bullshitting on my CV (when i find the bastard thing ;))


    P.S. how much did you pay ghana to keep missing and giving the ball away 🙂

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