Latest with WordPress and K2

Last night I got really annoyed with the unwillingness of K2’s Advanced Navigation and Archives Page to function. I moved my blog over to (my test blog) via exporting the XML from (here) and then importing it into the I started with a fresh WordPress 2.1 install and imported the XML, which produced a tonne of extra categories upon import. I decided that this was down to the autometa plugin. Nevermind, that took 5 minutes to kill all the extra categories.

From then on in I cleaned up the posts in and then finally exported it from the clean (no plugins installed) WordPress install. I then imported into a new WordPress build and hey presto, nostatus is back!

Here’s the niggling question, will K2’s Advanced Navigation and Archives Page function now that everything is clean? So I download the new K2 and install it, set relavant permissions for the header folder so I can upload my top image and do a few other minor things and hit up the K2 options panel. I enable Advanced Navigation and Archives Page and save then I view the site. Drumroll… Archives is there 🙂 Navigation doesn’t work 🙁 Oh well, I don;t like the navigatio, so 1 out of 2 isn’t bad. I enable the Sidebar Modules as before and proceed, I am somewhat happier. The end.

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