Malcolm in the middle

You’re not the boss of me now. This episode is genius. Hal and Lois take the kids to the Zoo, meanwhile subplotting over to Francis he’s broken down in the middle of nowhere and is saved by german tourists Greta and Otto and they take them to their Grotto (Gretta & Otto) where he works as a ranch foreman.

Back to the zoo, Reese is stuck in a toilet shack at the zoo with a goat harassing him. Malcolm and Dewey end up trapped in a tiger pit with two man (or kid) eating tigers. Superman can’t save them… Suddenly a live goat comes flying into the tiger pit and Reese turns up fresh from a fight (with said goat).

Grim -the episode ends up with Francis on the phone to Lois asking if she saw any animals giving birth, Lois says no, cut to Francis with his hand inside a Cow :S

Malcom in the middle rules. SO much so that it kept me up after midnight, ok I just wanted to get an early night.

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  1. love your pics, I saw the Malcolm episode you talked about above and was trying to Google which zoo they were at to find out where they actually live! Vancouver looks beautiful. Read your ‘about me’ page, very interesting, I am full of admiration for the karate thing. I’m from Scotland, half-Irish, half-Scottish, born and raised in Edinburgh, moved to Newcastle at 16, then London at 20, then Chicago at 25, now in Austin, Texas. Your karate skills have nothing to do with my previous locations but reading what I just wrote makes it sound like I’m trying to connect the two.

  2. That’s a pretty strange connection with all of the above variables!

    How come you moved to The States? How is life there compared to Rainy UK?

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