morning round up

Is it “round up” or “roundup”? Anyway, there is a new hotmail beta, internet gambling is being misinterpretted and reported to be illegal in Canada, my friend Barrie from school (American/Canadian equivalent of “high school”) contacted me this morning via text message and my buddy Matt (also from same school) is getting married soon.

Matt, how the fucking hell did you manage that?! Props to you if you ever read this. Ok, what else is new? Dear diary I will get back to you 🙂

PS. New Robin Williams movie “Man of the Year“. It’s a stinker, if you’ve seen the trailer then that’s all you need to see. He is a comedian, he gets elected, the voting system is screwed, the woman who discovers the bug contacts Robin, he steps down and becomes a comedian. And of course they fall in love en route. What a farce!

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