Moving into my new apartment.

I got a new place hooked up in Yaletown, check it on Google maps. 24th floor (killer views) of the Brava building. I am super stoked. If you zoom in you can see our new offices on Homer and Drake too 🙂

Better get the hookup happening!

* I’ve moved in to this place – check the photos of the view from my new pad. It’s a pretty cool apartment and all I need to get now is a couch and a coffee table and some other nick nacks. Not a lot to go it’s pretty much done. I like the way there is a cinema in the building 🙂 It also has it’s own gym and a movie room as well as a pool, hot tub, sauna/steam room, pool table, you name it. Not a bad pad at all.

I will put some photo’s on my flickr soon.

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