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I just got the “Move Categories to Other Categories” plugin from Timothy Haroutunian’s website. It’s pretty much what I’ve been waiting on for a long time. Yesterday in fact I started to shift posts about and I was getting really frustrated because I wanted to kill a few categories so it meant individual post editing and then deletion of categories, a horrid manual task. I was almost tempted to go into the database directly (but we all know thats not a great idea).

So, a quick review of this plugin – it’s pretty simple to use, you simply select a category then shift it into another. The category you selected to move then gets removed, I love it! There really isn’t much else to the plugin except that it has a category edit function that allows editing of the category name, category slug, category parent and the description (which is optional).

As for installation, it’s as simple as uploading one php file to the plugins folder then activating it, Timothy even puts a link to the plugin once the activation is complete.

The only thing I noticed is that when the plugin seems to be activated the blog seems to shut down as if it’s in administration mode. I am not sure if this is part of the design or not, I have left a question for Timothy at his site. Regardless, this plugin is golden! Thanks Timothy!

Update: Timothy has fixed this minor little bug and everything is working perfectly and according to his design šŸ™‚

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  1. Hello, I have fixed the problem for my plugin and have explained it as a comment on my blog. I am sorry for the minor issue that it caused and I hope that it will work better now. If you want to download it again, the updated fix is in there. Thank you for your questions and for your support.
    – Timothy

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