Need Backup Internet Service?

I need backup internet service to back up my already “sucky” internet service!

Here in Costa Rica the internet is terrible. At home it is OK but in the office it is always falling over. We are on a huge waiting list for Wi Max and until then we just have to suck it up. In Canada and the United States, we never really have issues with our internet connection unless we live in remote areas of the country.

At least in the more remote parts of North America we have options. We should all be glad about his because since I moved here, I am somewhat limited. There aren’t a lot of companies who specialize in dial-up internet and DSL service. We’re kinda tied here to the one service provider but things are about to change. Rumours of Comcast coming here and investing is huge right now. The same with the telecommunications monopoly also with five potential new companies coming here.

I wish we had the same flexible options here in Costa Rica that we have in north America.

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