New apartment and broken tooth

I have a new apartment as of, ummm, Halloween. The place is mine on 31st of October, I am stoked to be out of the hotel (Holiday Inn). I had a rad weekend, mostly because of finding my shoebox-sized apartment.

I went to see Cro-Mags (under the name Fearless Vampire Killers) on Saturday night which was fucking awesome, they covered Bad Brains songs (Earl Hudson is cro mags drummer from Bad Brains) and John Joseph was singing, kaboom!

I was gonna say the highlight was me getting a boot in the face and breaking a tooth, but it wasn’t. It was funny though! It was during the song “I against I” – awesome, dentist bills.

Ate Chinese noodles last night, decided I was make a website and comment on every place I eat in, drink in, go to and shit like that – kinda like a “tourist’s guide to….” wherever I am, Montreal, UK, the States, etc. I’ll never do it, if I had a dollar for every thing I say I’m gonna do but don’t I’d be a lot more richer.

Watched Hero, Hellboy and Trading Places and a bit of Beetlejuice then I went to bed – early night, like 1.45am. Beats the hell outta the last few nights at 4am.

What else, oh yeah drank a bottle of Jack Daniels before show. Pretty funkin fun.

I have nothing else to write now. I have a HUGE list to make about shit I have to do this week… Time to call Shannon about my new place. boom bata boom.

More about the Cro Mags

They first released a demo with songs that would eventually find themselves on their debut album The Age Of Quarrel (buy online at Amazon) (1986). The bass player Harley Flanagan and singer John Joseph were not the best of friends and eventually Joseph would part ways with the band leaving Harley to sing on the rest of the Cro-Mags releases. After The Age Of Quarrel, the band released the record Best Wishes (1989). The record had a more heavy metal-influenced sound which alienated many of their fans. The band released another record Alpha Omega (1992) only embraced by the most devoted of their fanbase, and followed by Near Death Experience (1993). After suffering from many lineup changes and frequent breakups, the group finally disbanded, seemingly for the last time, after this record. However, in 2003 they released a record that would almost make up for their past two releases. With Revenge the Cro-Mags came back to their early hardcore punk roots with songs that were comparable to their first releases.

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