New digital camera

I think I’m going to break the Casio digital camera cycle. I am considering buying a Pentax Option (M30). Before this I’ve owned three Casino cameras and I’ve never once thought they were bad cameras. I’ve even recommended people buy them. I’m leaning towards buying a 10 megapixel beast, again, its a Casino. the only reason why is because I have so many damned spare batteries. Anyway, I am going to FutureShop after work to see if they have the Pentax. I will ask if they have any demo models going cheap. If so I may end up with something else.

Cool camera tho, no?


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  1. There are so many damned deals on eBay. Armed with and eBay I am going to find a reputable seller in Canada and maybe go with the Casino grain and get this.

    Sick camera, I like how Casio rounded off the edges… 10 Megapixels :-O

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