New everything announcement

I thought it would be easier to quickly post a summary of news on WordPress and it’s family. I have at least two other posts I need to write today and I will have to summarize or I will forget.

  • New admin UI and WordPress 2.5.1
    You might want to hold back on upgrading if you feel like it’s a pain. If you need help with WordPress upgrades, get in touch and I am always glad to help.
  • Guide to the WordPress loop
    Great guide, I’ve skimmed it. I know that sucker inside out but if you need to theme or add functionality to your WordPress then learn this.
  • New bbPress (v 0.9)
    With the update of WordPress, bbPress has undergone an upgrade. It’s just as yummy as the WordPress upgrade and you should check it out if you use it already.
  • Fix for Simple Trackback Validation by Donncha
    Just before I had LASIK I had fixed this issue in WordPress 2.5 RC1 after noticing the same errors in my logs. Donncha Ocaoimh has released a better fix than mine and I’ve replaced my sloppy code that did the job with his.

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