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new HD TV

I picked this up off of a guy on the Vancouver Craigslist so technically it is not new. It’s a decent box. Good picture and the Shaw digital is kick ass and I have all the NHL Hockey games which is great.

It cost $500 which is $2500 less than the TV I ordered from sucky suck ass Future Shop. Also, its lacking the plasma-ness and the extra 6 inches in the diagonal. It’s only 26 inches. Girls will still like it though, it’s not that small.

I think that I’ll stop at getting a couch, an armchair or two and a coffee table. Then a few minor storage devices.

OK, back to watching “Angel” 🙂 Or I might watch “Big Butt Brotha Lovers 5”, I don’t know what it’s about but it’s PPV so I have to pay for it, hrmmmmm. Alternatively “Charmed” is on or I could try to sleep as its after 2.30am.

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