New HMV acquisitions

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new HMV acquisitions

I get a little bit carried away when I decide to let myself go and spend money in HMV. Check out the latest movies I have wasted my “hard” earned dollar on.

The 2 or 3 items for 30 bucks is a BIG attraction to me. It’s sometimes hard to find the third DVD though. I don’t buy many music titles at once, if I do this I don’t get a chance to listen to each CD.

Check what I got today, I had to get “the Karate Kid” soundtrack, obviously. “Kung Pow” is just a classic. I remember watching “Lost Highway” way back, independent movie theatre in Liverpool, it’s gone now. David Lynch, hrmmm… As Liverpool approaches the “City of Culture” in 2008 it seems to have lost a lot of its old culture, its quickly becoming a very modern, new city. I can’t wait to see it next time.

It’s Valentines Day eve… I am making preparations for Miss Jacobs. Must go.

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