NHL 07 and the dead PSP

I can make this a really long story, I could make this a 80 hour plus story but no, I will tell it to you in a few minutes.

I was playing NHL 07 offline, Montreal Canadians, the hardest level, full length games and manual shot control. I don’t screw around, I play the real deal. Anyway, I keep saying “long story short”, so hear it is, the punchline. I played that game for 80 hours plus, I was lying in bed finishing off a game versus Buffalo which I won 6-1 Kovalev got a hat trick and Souray was blasting in 2 goals with Koivu picking up one. Who cares who scored for The Sabres?! It was Afinigenov 😉

Regardless of that game, I always save the career every game. I saved it as usual and the next day fired it up, I decided to put the game away and wait to play The Leafs when I was more awake. I thought how much I really wanted to kick their asses so I wasn’t fully awake to be ready to kick their ass. So the next day I woke up and was ready to play, I was in bed and was ready to go. I flipped the switch and tried to load up the profile and lo and behold the f%#&ing game was corrupted!!!

I was so pissed.

I can’t even begin to tell you what I did next. Dang, here goes, what an idiot. I put the PSP down and put my fist through it, well I tried. The screen was smashed so to make sure I killed the PSP I threw it across the room and went to sleep. I had to buy another PSP and start my career again, what a sham.

I was so annoyed with myself but I blamed EA, afterall, it was THEIR game that bugged and sent me into rage. Does that sound irrational?

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