ortiz v shamrock – the final chapter

According to D-Chuk:

“Ok Ken, move away from him and look for the takedown…”
[Tito body slams him]

“…all right Kenny, that didn’t work, now this round…let him take you down, then slip into the side mount and lock in you heel hook”
[Tito takes him down, lands a full guard, and pounds him into the matt]

“All right, Big guy, we’re not out of this yet…this time let him hit you four or five times, pretend to fall down, and when he jumps on top to finish you, stab him in the eye with this half broken beer bottle”
[Tito hits ken twice so hard that Shamrock actually craps his pants, slips on it…and falls backward through the cage and lands on Franks lap, dead]

Courtesy of Damon Holowchak, the house of smack. UFC card for that night.

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