Orange Donglebangs

Orange Donglebangs are not at all useful but since I need a phrase to test out some PPC (Adwords) stuff, they are really useful.

Now Google, be so kind as to index this please, kthxbai.

Update a minute later – thanks Google, you indexed this in about 30 seconds.

Orange donglebangs

And a few minutes later we get a full post index and an advert:

orane donglebangs

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Mac Chrome full screen

View menu item of Chrome in Mac OSXWhen did this happen? I know this feature has been greyed out for a long time but today I stumbled upon it.

If you knew about this and didn’t mention it, well, that’s not very nice.

This is a really nice feature!

I’m so happy that I discovered it and “command + shift and F” is my new friend.

Stop WordPress spam

SPAM - it doesn't even taste good - why do it?Thanks for the SPAM! No really, I love watching my automation tag it as such. At the same time I get a blast reading some of the drivel that people are sending out via automated software.

First of all, the “spinning” technique you guys are using, it’s lame. Replacing {a word|a few words} like this is pathetic.

Second, the email addresses are obviously fake. Also, try harder with this. Make a database of emails with an associated pair name so you’re not sending a comment to my site from “Joe Adams” with the email address [email protected]… Really?

Akismet does a great job of stopping the SPAM. Also the built in stop words. All I have to say is “keep spamming me”, because this is the only way I’ll get less SPAM. Ironic eh?

Trapped Cicada

Trapped Cicada #1, originally uploaded by b tard.

Our latest bug friend who dropped by tonight. These little buggers are responsible for the most annoying noise you will hear during the Costa Rica summer.

Alyssa calls the glass “the kill jar” but to date, we have yet to kill anything. They are always released to the outside from where they came.