Markup influencing Google SEO

I can’t wait to see how this one pans out:

@mattcutts, is it true you said invalid markup has no influence on SEO with Google?

Edward Lewis on Twitter to that guy 😛


@pageoneresults I believe I made an SEO video about that; if a page has high quality we would like to return it despite errors.

There are quite a few more comments to read on Edward Lewis’s twitter about the W3C valid code and how Matt Cutts hints of it’s lack of influence within the sphere of Google search and SEO.

More photos needed

Alyssa keeps telling me that we need to take more pictures. As we speak, I have a gigabyte of pictures moving from the SD card on my camera to my hard drive. After this, I’ll snap and publish to share.

Anyway, you can look out for those here. They’ll most likely be on my flickr so you can check them out there.

1 year later

Last time I posted here was December 18 2008. Cripes, we’re almost into 2010, oh well. This website was always a search engine and WordPress experiment anyway.

I honestly don’t know what it would take to blog more. The only real reason I have to blog is to fill the internet with useless garbage to sell non-tangible goods.

Camino web browser

I recently started to use Camino to keep a separate browser open for basic tasks like Google Calendar, GMail and Google Docs. Rather than popping open a new window in FireFox or Safari I preferred the new browser so that I can alt tab over as opposed to control tabbing between windowed instances.

So now you know the use-case of my Camino experience I’ll take it a little further… I actually like to use it now. It seems light-weight and pretty quick. As for rendering of content, I haven’t looked at how Flash works but for the AJAXified Google Apps it seems to run quite well. I’m even posting through WordPress now via Camino.

So the long story cut extremely short is that Camino is my hot new browser. If you can’t use Google’s Chrome native on a Mac, then give this light weight yet functional browser a shot.

fermion humour

Why do neutrons have no charge when they order a beer?

A neutrino complained to fair trade about the neutron having no charge for beers. the fair trade unit who were investigating the incident asked if it was true and he said he was positive.

AQ Punches Edit

AQ Punches Edit – ouch!

The worst thing about getting punched in the face is when you don’t see it coming. Most of these guys, you can see them squint and prepare for it. Others seem unaware, and I don’t mean blissfully unaware because how can a resulting punch in the face be blissful?