podcasting and nostatus

I want to start podcasting. I want to use my iPod. I want a product that (ideally) clips on to my iPod to allow me to do this. I’m really referring to something like a microphone. I know Belkin have a few products:

  1. Universal Mic Adapter for iPod
  2. Voice Recorder for iPod
  3. TuneTalk Stereo for iPod

Here’s the snag, I am super excited about vlogging, not just the podcast and the blog… I am wondering if anyone out there (hello world) knows if there are any video recorders that can interface with the video iPod? That would make me so happy.

Anyway, if nothing transpires I will get the TuneTalk from Belkin.

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  1. I had an iTalk with my iPod, but it wasn’t flexible and you could hear the HD spinning up during the recording (especially if I wasn’t using my Griffin Lapel Mic with the iTalk).

    Strictly for podcasting, I’m quite pleased with my iRiver iFP-899, which I got used on eBay.

    Not sure about vlogging, though. 🙁

  2. That’s some good info B-Vizzle… I really need to just get something going, whether audio only or video I feel like I’m SOOOOooo in the past with technology and what not.

    The thing is, I don’t want to buy more technology, especially when I am in line to buy a new Camera (compact still) and want to get audio happening.

    Pickling predicaments indeed… Have a good weekend Sir.

  3. If you don’t mind just doing it on your computer, Audacity just works. That wouldn’t require you buying anything, except for a microphone. Even then, I don’t have a mic over $20 – just a headset w/boom mic, or my Griffin Lapel Mic.

    I just bought the iRiver ultra portable media player because I also record class lectures, then I can speed ’em up in Audacity to cut the time down by 25%.

  4. I have a PSP mic, I wonder if that works in a standard stereo jack, probably not. Anyway, one thing I should have stated way back (going to edit afterwards) is that mobile recording would be awesome.

    Bryan, you’re not a saleman for iriver, are you? :p

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