Socom Fire Team Bravo 2

I can’t play unless I have a free’dup (as in free’d up, haha) wireless internet connection. PSP should allow connection via a laptop through the USB, I am here in a hotel and the wireless allows one device to be connected, how lame! It has paired it up with this device and if I want to switch it is going to charge for the other device. LAME LAME LAME!!!

Anyway, my SOCOM skills are dwindling, luckily I still remember every map (mostly the Thin Ice map) in my sleep. I want to get as many FTB2 (that’s what us cool people call the game) players over here on my site to write and talk about FTB2. I will eventually be starting a clan forum too because I am cool like that. Eventually all the n00bs will be PWNED.

I miss playing SOCOM, my PSP has an NHL 07 UMD in it because that is a cool game to play and doesn’t need online play to be a sick game. Rant over.

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