Stop WordPress spam

SPAM - it doesn't even taste good - why do it?Thanks for the SPAM! No really, I love watching my automation tag it as such. At the same time I get a blast reading some of the drivel that people are sending out via automated software.

First of all, the “spinning” technique you guys are using, it’s lame. Replacing {a word|a few words} like this is pathetic.

Second, the email addresses are obviously fake. Also, try harder with this. Make a database of emails with an associated pair name so you’re not sending a comment to my site from “Joe Adams” with the email address [email protected]… Really?

Akismet does a great job of stopping the SPAM. Also the built in stop words. All I have to say is “keep spamming me”, because this is the only way I’ll get less SPAM. Ironic eh?

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